Dr. Nona Cosmetic Travel Set

Dr. Nona Cosmetic Travel Set

There are lots of reasons to buy travel or sample size cosmetics, assuming you like the product and the size of samples are good enough for few days of use. If you are traveling a lot you get tired of throwing away your favorite beauty products at the airport check points; the weight of your travel cosmetic bag becomes too much to handle; it takes to much space in the hotel room bathroom counter, etc. 

With Dr. Nona Cosmetic Travel set you can eliminate all those problems and stop wasting your money. The travel size beauty kit includes 4 cosmetic creams, which are TSA approved, so you can take it anywhere in the world. The cosmetic travel kit includes the most popular Dr. Nona products: Dynamic Hydrating Cream, Solaris Body Lotion, Eye Contour Balm and Hand & Nail Cream. The little clear containers are labeled and can be reused and refilled as many times as you need. They contain enough cosmetic products for 3-5 days trip. The travel kit is very cute, compact and fits in most purses.

This kit is really a bargain for frequent travelers or for your everyday life as it is very light (only 75 grams), convenient and space saving. It may be your companion everywhere you go, even to the gym to fix you after training or shower.

4 pieces 15ml each – 60ml total

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