Dr. Nona Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant Lady

Dr. Nona Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant Lady

Dr. Nona Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant is made entirely from natural ingredients of Dead Sea Bio-Organic Mineral Complex with addition of therapeutic aromatic essential oils. It provides 24 hours sweating-free and odor-free protection with light scent remaining even after shower. The Deodorant goes on clean, with no sticky feeling and does not leave stains on skin or cloths. It has tender, light, fresh scent with no artificial fragrances or preservatives added.


The complex of essential oils contained in the formula sooths, moisturizes and softens skin. While preventing perspiration, the deodorant helps to limit spreading of bacteria responsible for bad odors, produces anti-bacterial effect and reduces skin irritation, common for people with intense sweat secretion. 


The Deodorant has healing properties since our armpit area has glands and blood vessels located closely under the skin surface. This enables Dr. Nona’s Bio-Organic Mineral Complex included in its formation boost and tone vital body functions. Rolled over the sunburned skin the Deodorant can be beneficial to localize and ease redness and inflammation. Deodorant is tested by dermatologists and is suitable for all skin types.

Product of Israel.

Product Size: 95 ml.

Price: $14.25
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