Dr. Nona Mouthwash or Elixir

Dr. Nona Mouthwash or Elixir

Dr. Nona’s Elixir also called Mouthwash is a powerful product for oral and dental hygiene. Gum diseases are the source of infection that can be developed in any part of human body. Maintaining oral health is equal to reducing risks of inflammation and bacteria leading to many diseases. The unique combination of Dead Sea Bio-Organic mineral complex, phyto-oils and herbal extracts allows to eliminate bad breath, strengthen gums and mouth tissue, kill germs and bacteria, slow down plaque formation, relieve symptoms of periodontitis and gingivitis.


The natural healing abilities of salt and minerals of Dead Sea are known for centuries. The advanced antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties of Doctor Nona’s Mouthwash are supported by 5 essential oils with soothing effect of chamomile, anti-bacterial power of thyme and antiseptic qualities of sage. Natural mouth refreshing taste is achieved by adding lemon and peppermint to the formula.


Dr. Nona Mouthwash in an effective natural remedy for such gum diseases as stomatitis and gingivitis, helps in early stages of periodontal disease (swollen, inflamed gums), seizes bleeding in gums and teeth surrounding tissue, and soothes pain in sore gums. The healing capabilities of Dr. Nona Elixir are way beyond just mouth hygiene. It has lots of useful applications and is widely utilized for its anti-inflammatory, regenerative, disinfecting and deodorizing properties. 


Some Useful Applications of Dr. Nona’s Elixir:


Rinsing or gargling your mouths, nose or throat with Dr. Nona Mouthwash will decrease inflammation and improve medical conditions caused by certain types of bacteria. This natural remedy will relieve swelling when you have a sore throat, breathing when you have blocked sinuses, flu or cold. Few drops of 50/50 or 25/75 mixture of Dr. Nona Elixir with warm water into your nostrils 4-6 times a day will help whenever you have cold type of problems.


For dry eyes, conjunctivitis or other eye infections use Elixir diluted with distilled water in proportion 25/75 as eye drops. Use it every hour or 6-8 times a day for up to 1 week. Gradually bring the concentration to a 50/50 solution.


The Elixir can be used as a topical solution or in a form of compresses for cuts, bruises, after shaving rashes, acne, irritated skin. It is an excellent remedy for dry, cracked or broken nipples in pregnant or breast-feeding women. Soak a cotton pad in a 50/50 or 25/75 mixture of Dr. Nona Elixir with warm water and apply as a compress for 15-20 minutes or just wipe the affected area with a soft cotton ball soaked in the solution several times a day and let dry.


Used instead of chemical solutions purchased in stores, the Elixir delivers much better and safer results. The unique healing properties of this product make it a “must have on the self” remedy for any household.


Directions for Use as a Mouthwash:


Rinse your mouth thoroughly for 15 to 30 seconds every morning and evening (after you brush your teeth) and spit our. Do not swallow. You will experience a gentle tingle and taste a refreshing difference.


Product of Israel.


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