Organic Night Cream by Dr. Nona

Organic Night Cream by Dr. Nona
Dr. Nona Night Cream is a gentle cream containing a powerful age-fighting formula and combination of components. It is based on the properties of Bio-Organic Mineral Complex of Dead Sea mud with addition of natural organic herbal ingredients. 

The presence of ArcheBacteria of Dead Sea – one of the oldest live organisms on Earth – enriches the cream with advanced anti-oxidant properties. The intensive nourishing and rejuvenating abilities of Avocado and other essential oils makes it an outstanding hydrating, rejuvenating, and restorative night cream.

As other Dr. Nona products the Night Cream is created using an innovative technique called Autotrophic System or ATS (originally designed by Dr. Nona Company), which involves the natural auto synthesis of proteins. The brilliant approach of Dr. Nona is bio-activation of useful components from the dead skin cells. They are than reused as additional proteins, feeding the active live skin cells. As a result of this innovative method the dead cells become a source of natural restoration of proteins and amino acids of the skin. ATS prevents irreversible changed to protein and amino acids structures and creates conditions for cell reproduction.

Nourishing Night Cream boosts the skin's natural ability to repair its appearance, restore lost moisture and revitalizes dull, tired-looking skin while you sleep. The cream improves skin's moisture balance and helps to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look softer, smoother and more radiant every morning.

The Night Cream is suitable for all skin types, most beneficial for aged and dehydrated skin.

Ingredients: Water, Avocado oil, aromatic oils, and Bio-Organic Mineral Complex, ATS system.

Paraben Free

Directions: Apply a small amount of the Nourishing Night Cream on cleansed face with gentle upward motions. For more effectiveness cleanse your face with Dr. Nona Face Milk. (use of Dr. Nona Face Milk allows maximize autotrophic capabilities of both products).

Size: 1.7 fl.oz/ 50 ml

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