Ultrasonic Facial Massager with 3 Color LED light

Ultrasonic Facial Massager with 3 Color LED light
The Ultrsound and Photon hand held skin care device utilizes combination of deep penetrating ultrasonic massage with energy of LED light waves (photons). Recently used only in medical spas, the ultrasonic facial treatments are THE best for skin rejuvenation. Widely used in home skin care they are truly effective for sagging, aging skin as well as for acne sufferers. While the sound wave penetrates into the pores and destroys the oil blockage in hair follicles (one of the main reasons of acne formation), the LED light ceases inflammation and bacteria growth. LED converts light energy into cellular energy and is perfect for uneven, aging skin complexion.

Indications for Use:

The device can be used for solving such problems, as:

·       mature skin with signs of sagging, wrinkles and fine lines
·       dry, dull, dehydrated, sagging skin
·       hyperpigmentation
·       puffy eyes
·       poor complexion and skin tone
·       scarring of the skin (stretch marks, post acne)
·       oily skin, enlarged pores and acne formations
·       flabby skin with decreased muscle tone

Advantages of Ultrasound in Skin Care

Ultrasound is effectively used for any part of our face or body. The depth of the wave penetration depends on ultrasonic frequencies - the higher is the frequency of the vibration the more shallow is the wave penetration.  And vice versa, the smaller is number of wave vibration the deeper it penetrates underneath the skin. Therefore the 1MHz (1 million vibrations per second) is a better option for lower face or body treatments (tissues and muscles are thicker). The 3MHz (3 million vibrations per second) is optimal for facial treatment (tissues and muscles are much thinner). The 5Mhz is mostly used for delicate skin around the eyes.

The high speed micro vibration and deep heat of ultrasound wave are safe, painless and gentle. It resonates above our hearing level and penetrates the skin without any discomfort or side effects. The vibration produces fast repeated stretching and shrinking of the cell membranes improving skin elasticity, stimulating skin metabolism, promoting collagen production. The vibration of this kind generates soft cellular tissue massage, with powerful stimulating effect. The deep heat is very mild on the surface of the skin, but is powerful enough to initiate reproduction of collagen and elastin, At the same time the head of the device produces mechanical massage without stretching the skin, unlike regular facial massage.

Aesthetic professionals use ultrasound machines to promote skin cellular renewal and repair, increase blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and swelling, plump up and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The application of ultrasonic frequency tightens sagging skin, fades dark eye circles, freckles and old age spots. It enforces penetration of creams and lotions in the deeper layers of the skin and boosts the effectiveness of any skin care product you use.

Advantage of Photon LED Light Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

The LED light therapy converts the light energy into energy within your skin cells (in spring plants absorb sun light, as a result they start blossoming). The light enters our body as photons (energy) and is absorbed by the photo receptors within skin cells. Once your skin absorbs the LED light, your body starts to heal from inside out. It decreases inflammation processes and reduces the amount and strength of acne causing bacterium. As a result you will see improvements in skin affected by acne, blemishes, scar tissue and also reduction of wrinkle formation, enhancement in blood circulation.

LED therapy is recognized as the safest and most effective acne and scar minimizing treatment. Light therapy has been used in professional skin care clinics throughout Europe for a good part of the last decade, but only now this technology became available for home skin care.

Each color of light has it’s own spectrum (wavelength and frequency) and is effective for treating various skin conditions, e.g: use blue light if you are trying to get rid of acne and use red light for collagen production if your concern is aging skin. The overlapping spectrum of lights is especially effective for treating mature skin with lines and wrinkles.

Red Light: The 633nm-650nm low-level red light is one of the most powerful and active light colors. The red light penetrates up to 8-10mm ceasing the inflammatory process, it significantly improves healing and reduces chance of scarring. It accelerates blood circulation, stimulates skin cell re-growth, enhances Collagen production and triggers self repair mechanisms. Beneficial for any skin type.

Blue light: The 415nm-462nm blue light regulates skin sebum secretion, in other words its effective for reducing skin oil production. This light penetrates up to 0.5mm beneath the skin and has powerful calming and anti-bacterial properties. It is most beneficial for sensitive or oily skin and skin with acne, large pores or rashes. Blue light is proven to be an effective treatment and cure for acne, since it destructs and eventually kills the acne causing bacterium and helps shrink the enlarged pores.

Green Light: The 527nm green light is for skin comforting and rejuvenation. Its spectrum is between red and blue and is suitable for the mixed skin types. The green light has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, it helps fight free radicals, which is on of the main reasons of skin aging process. It improves skin texture, activates and oxygenates skin cells, improves micro-circulation. Extremely beneficial for anti-aging use on skin with dry and dehydrated appearance. Green light is proven to be effective for skin with hyperpigmentation. Even though it's not a long term cure for this problem, it will help you fade darker areas of your face and make them less noticeable as long as you use the device .

Benefits and Use of 2-in-1 Facial Massager

The Massager allows use of Ultrasonic or Light therapy functions together or separately. The device activates body’s natural skin potential and helps to slow down the aging process. While ultrasonic massage stimulates and infuses nutrients into deep layers of the skin, light activates photo receptors in skin cells. The overlapping function of tri-colored red, green and blue light with 3 Mega ultrasonic waves makes skin care more effective and eventually more affordable.

Acne Treatment - How It Works

Clinical studies first conducted in England show that the mix of blue and red light with specific wavelengths, act together in clearing mild to severe acne. The blue light (415nm) has an antibacterial effect whilst the red light (633nm) acts as an effective anti-inflammatory treatment. Acne levels progressively reduce throughout the treatment period (approx. 4 weeks) and continue to reduce few weeks after treatment had ended.

Regular use of the device for 10-15 minutes every other day will make your feel much better about yourself.

Other Advantages of Ultrasound Photo Therapy Device

-   Regular use of the device for only 10-15 minutes a day will change your skin and in a long run replace costly office procedures
-   Natural alternative to harmful antibiotics
-   Overall lifting and hydrating effect
-   No need for expensive creams or clinic visits
-   Helps repair sun-damaged skin and evens out pigmentation, lightens scars
-   Lessens skin coarseness and pore size
-   Safe and effective for all skin types
-   Enhances blood and lymph circulation
-   Helps to better absorb creams and nutrients
-   Improves under the eye area, lessens eye bags and dark eye circle problems
-   Light weight, easy to carry and use
-   Dissolves hypodermic fat to improve face contours and heavy chin area
-   Unlike some pulsed lasers treatments that work as a result of the body’s response to controlled damage, Photon Beauty stimulates body natural processes to rejuvenate skin.

Recommendations for use and Contraindications: 

Press "Sonic" button to select Low, Middle or High ultrasound level of intensity (the thicker is the tissue, the higher level of intensity should be used.)

Press "Photon" button to select and activate Red, Blue, Green LEDs, or to turn off LEDs.    

1.         Please make sure that you do not stop gliding movements and glide lightly. Always have some cream, gel (Aloe Vera), lotion or mask (can be home made) on the skin. No gap between the lubricated skin and the head of the device is required. Do not glide dry, bare skin.

2.         Do not use the device every day (as instructed in the brochure), every other day is good enough.

3.         Avoid looking directly at the device when the lights are on – could be harmful for the eyes     

4.         Don’t use directly under the eye and turn the device on a lower level for the eye area

5.         Not supposed to be used as a cure for any medical conditions, skin diseases or skin problems.

6.         Do not use the device in the bathroom or in a room with high humidity, clean the device and turn it off after each use

7.         Do not use the device if you are pregnant; have a pacemaker, survived any form of cancer, have history of medical conditions restricting using electricity,

8.         Do not use the device on open wounds, sores, inflamed or infected areas, avoid using near the ears and in thyroid gland area (middle and lower part of the throat).

9.       Do not use the device if you have eczema, dermatitis or other skin disease, stop using if you notice any allergic reactions (make sure it is not the reaction to changes of your skin care products)

10.       Never use internally (inside mouth, nose, etc)

TypesAll skin types

Voltage: DC1.5V, 0.8A

Current: 300 mA

Ultrasonic waves Frequency: 3MHz with adjustable Ultrasonic Waves intensity (high, medium, low)

Certifications / License: * CE/FCC/UL

Price: $89.79
Old price: $129.00
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By: Wendy Bubna 10/19/2013 17:25
I have one of these Photon Ultrasonic Facial Massagers and I love it. The only problem I have with it is the instructions are short of Chinese translated almost to English but still not very understandable. I used our only twice before I noticed my pores which were large before had pretty much disappeared. I was then curious as to which light was shrinking my pores. Since the instructions used words like Red-Excitement, Green-Calming etc, I used each one for the same amount of time. I have been searching the web some better instructions to explain the lights better and what they do. I still hasn't found any great instructions. I bought my massager/ tool on Ebay as it is half the price there and exactly the same. This article almost explains a little more about the tools uses and effects but the last half ib the sentences are cut off so I can't read the entire article. This article doesn't explain how really great the tool is and it almost sounds like the effects are temporary which I disagree. I used it regularly for about 2 months and my skin was completely healed from pore size, no acne, no wrinkles and no she spots. I got busy and didn't use it for a few months and my skin did not change, my age spots did not return. I wish someone could explain to me which light to focus on for each problem though just on case my signs off ageing return