Y Shaped All Body Slim Roller

Y Shaped All Body Slim Roller
Most of us know how depressing it is to watch our body aging and loosing its shape. We are annoyed with the first signs of cellulite, sagging, fat or flabby arms and other tough to control and improve areas. The design and composition of the Y Shape Spin Roller Massager will help you tighten the areas of concern, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage for visual improvements in your lower face and body shape. 

The Massager, made of Aluminum Alloy with addition of Germanium powder, features Y shape design with 50 spinning angled roller surfaces. The shape of the device makes it fit into the curves of your body and be effective for the hard to reach areas. The ability of Germanium to produce negative ions allows this little device to achieve great results in activating skin cell metabolism, restore skin firmness and elasticity while shaping different parts of your body,

Originated in Japan, the Beauty Roller quickly became appealing to women unhappy with some parts of their figure.

Benefits of Y Shape Body Roller Massager

  • The Y shape Massager can help you improve such areas as upper arms, back of the arms, shoulders, legs,  tough to improve inner side of thighs, “love handles”, fat knees, buttocks, waist, and sides of the body
  • Promote blood circulation, break down body fat and reduce or eliminate (depending on the stage) the signs of cellulite. Used with cellulite reducing or slimming gel or cream (make sure the cream isn’t irritating your skin) will smooth the uneven surfaces, lessen cellulite dimples and pockets of fat.
  •  The shape and spinning design of the massager helps to re-balance and increase levels of body energy. The material has strong antioxidant properties able to fight harmful free radicals
  • The added acupressure functions (due to the shape of spinning rollers) allows to gradually press key healing points, which stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities
  • Improves fluid and blood circulation thus reducing puffiness and swelling, rejuvenates and tightens the inner layers of the skin
  • Shows great results in reducing the appearance of heavy or double chin and lower face
  • One 3 minute session is equivalent to 1,000 taps of manual massage in a beauty spa
  • Provides a therapeutic and soothing massage to stretch, relax, relieve stress from tired, tense muscles

Note: The device is not designed for people with obscenity or significant overweight problems.

How to use the Body Roller?

The Roller is easy to use and you need just 3 minutes (preferably 2-3 times a day).

  1. Hand hold the massager and gently roll it over the desired area in upward motions
  2. Can be used as cooling (use refrigerator or cold water) or warming (warm in water) device.
  3. Can be used with cleansing foam (in bath), creams, fat reducing gels, natural oils or alone.
  4. Keep an even rhythm of the massage, gradually increase pressure to suite your comfort level.
  5. Good for everyday use as long as you are comfortable during and after the procedure

Helpful Tips:

Consider using the device with any slimming or anti cellulite cream or gel. Apply cream liberally and use the device on top. This combination shows great results for cellulite and fat reductions on upper arms, thighs and hips.

Small and elegant gadget can be carried around in a handbag. You will enjoy effortless relaxing massage, see great results and feel awesome after each procedure!


·      The portable roller does not require any electrical outlets, batteries of chargers, can be used on the go, at home, at work or when traveling.

·       Excellent for people with health related problems that can’t go to the gym or use electrical devices for slimming purposes.

·       Has unlimited lifetime, does not break

·       Provides excellent results in toning and shaping small areas of the body


·      Please refrain from using the product if you have oversensitive skin, are allergic to metals or have any known skin disorders.

·       Do not use on areas with active acne

·       Stop using the device if you feel any discomfort or abnormal skin problems after use of the product.

·       Strong pressure of strokes can cause bruising, especially in the initial stages of treatments

·       Keep out of the reach of children.

A gift box and a carry case included.


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