Slimming and Shaping Belt

Slimming and Shaping Belt

Shaping and Slimming Belt is an easy, fast and effective massaging exercise belt that allows you to tone and sculpt your body. The massager utilizes dual oscillating system targeting any part of the body that you wish to slim, tone and sculpt.

The combination of tapping, oscillating and vibrating features relieve tension from tired and aching muscle and soothes pain away. The vibration therapy provided by the massager belt stimulates blood and lymph circulation while relaxing muscles. Vibration applied to the lower part of your body (thighs, hips and buttocks) will gradually improve the appearance of cellulite.

The vibrating belt has:

•            5 adjustable levels of strength on vibration mode per your personal preferences

•            2 massage directions with changing rhythms and patterns,

•            Auto Mode that randomly changes modes every few seconds

If you want to be slimmer and are seeking an easy way to do it without boring exercises, a 10-15 minutes a day of vibrating exercise belt will do the trick. It will help you lose weight and improve the shape or your abs, waist, buns, thighs, shoulders, calves or underarms and it does all the work for you without having to go to the gym. The additional advantage of the vibration belt is facilitation your digestion ability.

The vibration of the belt will lead to numerous muscle contractions. However if you want to see really impressive results you should combine the vibrating belt with simple stretching  exercises.

Shaping tips:

Simple stretching or isometric exercises with your belt on will put an extra pressure and help burn extra fat. Flex your abdominal muscles (or any muscle groups in the area where the belt is placed) for up to 1 min then relax them 30 sec. Repeated muscle contraction followed by relaxation will tremendously increase effectiveness of the belt and the exercises.

Who should not use the slimming massager belt. Only people in healthy conditions should use the belt. Do not use if you a pregnant, in lactation or menopause, have fibroids or any uterus problems, heart disorders, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, undergone a serious surgery or have any other medical conditions when your doctor does not approve exercise routine. Do not use on a wet body or touch with wet hands.

Read the instruction book carefully before use.

Package Info            

Power Supply   AC 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz           

Belt Width x Length: 7" x 50.5" / 18 x 129 cm + Extension: 5" x 20" / 13 x 51 cm

Ventilation Outlet

Control Panel

Adapter Connector

Power Adapter

AC Power Supply Cord

Instructional Manual

Carry Bag

Price: $140.00
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