Ozone Beauty Facial Wand

Ozone Beauty Facial Wand
High frequency current is used in skin care because of its effectiveness in wide range of applications. Ozone (O3) is a refreshing gas produced when high frequency is used. Ozone gas combined with micro vibration of the device helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, eye puffiness and dark eye circles. Ozone treats acne, blackheads and pimples; improves skin texture, promotes healthy scalp and hair growth. High Frequency shows excellent results in cleansing and shrinking enlarged pores; gives boost to dull, aged skin; tones and firms skin for a younger, brighter appearance.

Ozone Cleansing & Beauty Kit is a hand held beauty massager, which can be effectively used in the comfort of your home. The emitted ozone and oxygen keeps skin free of germs and bacteria, thus reducing inflammation and bringing down acne and blemishes formation. The skin oxygenation allows better blood circulation, facilitates skin breath and metabolism. The high frequency wave stimulates skin deep beyond the surface and improves sagging skin, helps on initial stages of cellulite.

Ozone has strong disinfectant properties and, being absorbed by the skin, kills bacteria and inhibits inflammation. It helps balance skin's oil production, naturally lightens dark skin areas, stimulates tired, dull and ageing skin. The Ozone massager noticeably reduces eye puffiness by encouraging excess fluid to drain away.  The massager lets you re-firm the skin without pulling or over massaging it in the process of manual skin care treatments. The results become visible after few procedures.

The combination of high frequency, ozone stimulation and microvibration of the massager is beneficial for ceasing hair loss and promoting hair re-growth. The oxygenation and vibto-massage of  the scalp gives boost to dull hair follicles.

High Frequency Skin Care Machine vs. Ozone Beauty Facial Wand



High Frequency Skin Care Machine

Ozone Beauty Facial Wand

Oscillation Rate:

Over 200,000+ Hertz (cycles per second).

100,000 Hertz (cycles per second)


3 Watts

1 Watt




High Frequency Skin Care Machine is a more powerful device, therefore it should be used for more distinguishes problems and concerns while Ozone Facial Wand is more suitable for daily skin care regime. Continued daily application will provide lasting results.

The Ozone Facial Wand is portable, light-weight and simple to use, its’ compact design is more convenient for travel. It is also less fragile and has a plastic cap to protect the device from breakage.

The results may vary by individual and skin type. Take into consideration that high frequency enhances hair growth, be careful using it on the areas where hair are not desired.

Consult with your medical provider before use if you are pregnant or have problems with your heart. Do not use if your skin is irritated. 

As any electrical devices it is not recommended for Cancer survivors. 

Never use any electrical devices on the lower part of your neck in the area of thyroid gland.

Read the instructions before use. 

The High Frequency Facial Wand Kit Includes:

 High Frequency Facial Wand Device

 Protective Storage/Travel Cap

Our Customer Testimonial:

I really love what this device is doing to my skin.  I can't tell you how many people are asking me what I am doing to roll back the hands of time. It is simply amazing the transformation that has occurred since I have been using the derma wand.  I am 52, and I look like I am 32 skin-wise.  My husband is astounded.

Lori M, Lafayette, LA  - October 24, 2011

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