Nano UV Disinfection Light Scanner

Nano UV Disinfection Light Scanner

The Zadro Nano UV Disinfection Light Scanner is designed to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria or viruses from most surfaces. The device is based on Nano UVA + UVB + UVC Light utilizing Multi-Wavelength, which is known for it’s ability to kill bacteria. Ultraviolet C Light technology is effective to sterilize surfaces in hospitals and surgical rooms, water treatment and food processing plants.


It can be used at home for smaller kitchen and bathroom surfaces like door handles, phones or computers. It will disinfect toothbrushes and sponges, which easily collect and store hard to kill bacteria and germs. 90% of such microorganisms as cold and flu germs are spread indoors and live up to 72 hours on home surfaces.


For instance the cell phone, which is practically attached to our face many hours a day is a huge source of bacteria. It will make things even worse if you have a rash on your face; your skin is acne prone or easily irritated; a cosmetic procedure was done on your face – this device becomes a “must have” unique cell phone sanitizer. This hand-held device can be carried in your purse or pocket.


Use it to disinfect surfaces in public bathrooms, transport or places you eat, at work or while traveling; it will save you during the flu season. In your everyday activities it can become a toothbrush sanitizer, replace contact lens solution, disinfect children’s toys and many more. It will provide a germ free zone and make your life a lot healthier.


How it works: 


The UV Disinfection Scanner is battery-operated. Flip the unit open and press a power button once. The light will come on for 10 seconds preset by a timer switch. Hold the Nano UV scanner between ¼ and 1-½ inches from the surface you want to disinfect. Pass the light slowly across the surface until the entire area is covered, for highly contaminated areas, repeat scann 2-3 times.


The Zadro NANO UV has been tested and certified to effectively kill the DNA of surface microorganisms, including E-coli, Salmonella, Streptococcus Hemolytic, Eberthella Typhosa, MS2 and H5N1 and other viruses by these independent testing laboratories.



Nano UV Light Scanner Specifications:


  • Includes 2 AAA batteries and instruction booklet.
  • Dimensions: 1-3/4" Long x 3-3/4" Wide x 1" High (cell-phone size).
  • 300 scans per battery set.
  • 185-365nm emissions.
  •  Killing zone of 253.7 nanometers
  • Tested by independent laboratories world wide, including Interteck (ETL) Testing Laboratories - USA
  • Proven effective for home, office and travel use.
  • Not for use on Humans or Animals


No toxins and no side effects have been detected.



Do not look directly into the Ultraviolet light. 

Do not use Ultraviolet light on any part of the body. 

Do not let children use.


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