Top Grade MT Derma Microneedle Face Skin Roller

Top Grade MT Derma Microneedle Face Skin Roller

The Micro Needle therapy is relatively new in skin care. The Derma Roller is effective for wrinkles, large pores, acne scars, stretch marks, hyper pigmentation, cellulite, hair loss and overall skin rejuvenation. Though sounding dramatic, the treatment does not damage skin, has no downtime and is safe for any skin type.

Special 192 extremely fine needles of a skin roller penetrate the skin to create thousands of tiny pinpoints invisibly wounding the upper skin layers - epidermis and dermis. The human body commonly reacts to it as to an injury and initiates a natural wound healing process. It triggers collagen fibers production, elastin formation, blood circulation, generates new healthy skin cells. Persistent initiation of such healing process encourages your skin to improve elasticity and texture, brightens skin color, rejuvenates and tones the skin, evens out the skin surface for a younger looking appearance.

Here is a video tutorial how to use a Derma Roller:

Benefits of a Skin Roller Device:

·     Scar and Stretch Mark removal

·      Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment (needle size 0.5mm if your skin is not too thin or sensitive)

·      Visibly improves the jaw line and chin area (needle size 0.5-0.3mm depending on your skin)

·      Cellulite reduction treatment (needles size 1mm, treatment is rather painful, use numbing cream)

·      Hair loss and hair restoration (needle size 0.3-0.5mm)

·      One of very few anti aging and rejuvenating treatments for younger looking hands and neck (needle size 0.3mm)

·       Small size rollers (0.3mm) can be used for wrinkled over the lip area, uneven chin, dry scalp

·       Hyper pigmentation and uneven skin treatment (needle size 0.3mm)

·      Hugely increases the effectiveness of skin care products through better penetration

·      Stimulates micro vessel blood flow due to direct skin massage

·      Gently exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface of your skin

·      The procedure is cost effective since the roller can be re-used dozens of times (3-6 months)

·      The roller can be used on all areas of your face and/or body.

·       Fast and easy at home treatment can be performed any time of the day

·       A cellulite treatment session can safely last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes

Depending on the needle length derma rollers can be used on different areas of your face or body. There are 8 sizes of microneelde rollers: 0.2mm; 0.3mm; 0.5mm; 1.0mm; 1.5mm; 2.0mm; 2.5mm; 3.0mm.

Rollers with needle size 0.5mm are designed for scar removal, stretch marks, improvements in skin texture and complexion, aged hands, vertical lines over the lip, wrinkled and uneven chin. They are also used for skin on scalp for dandruff and as hair re-growth treatments.

Rollers with size 0.3 mm can be used for fine wrinkles under the eyes, on aged neck, for thin sensitive skin, for aging skin on hands.

1mm needles can be used for body scaring, pregnancy marks and cellulite removal. Depending on your personal level of sensitivity and needle length the treatment might be painful, especially first few times. You may use the numbing or topical creams if the treatment hurts.

Our tips and recommendations:


1.    Start with sanitizing the device (use alcohol in a spray or a sanitizing device) and cleansing your skin (use antibacterial lotion for face).

2.    Use criss-cross and diagonal motions for each section of the face. Repeat each motion 3-4 times. Be gentle.

3.    If your goal is to induce collagen production, in other words reduce wrinkles and fine lines   

       the optimal roller size is 0.5mm

4.    For the first few weeks the roller should be used only 1-2 times a week to make your skin

       used to it. In 2-3 weeks (varies by individual) start using the roller every 2nd or 3rd day. To build up collagen use it in this regimen for few months and maintain 2-3 times a week thereafter.

5.   Individuals with very thin, sensitive skin, broken capillaries close to the surface of the skin should use roller with needle length 0.3mm - 0.25mm and avoid areas where capillaries are visible. Best option for aging neck and hands.

6.    Rollers with needle size more than 1.0 -1.5 mm are recommended for professional use.

7.    The roller works alone or in conjunction with skincare products. The combination of a roller with a skin care product hugely increases the absorption and effectiveness of active ingredients. For best results we recommend to first use the roller and then apply skin care product.

8.   Use products with SPF30 or more. Your skin is more photosensitive after treatment.


Micro-needling is a natural alternative for those who don’t want to undergo more aggressive procedures (i.e. CO2 or Fraxel Laser treatments) or injections (i.e. Botox, Juviderm).


·       Do not use if you have the following skin conditions:  active infections and acne lesions, psoriasis, herpes outbreaks, raised moles or warts, inflamed or irritated skin, fungal skin infections, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and other chronic skin disorders, open wounds or sores. Consult she skin care professional before using the Roller if you are not sure about your skin conditions.

·       For maximum hygiene and safety store in a plastic box (supplied).

We carry Derma Rollers in 2 most popular sized: 0.3mm and 0.5mm

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