Face Gym Or Facial Exerciser

Face Gym Or Facial Exerciser

Face Gym is a small face muscle exerciser based on micro current technology. Electro-Muscle-Stimulation (EMC) initiates muscle contraction which brings facial muscles to work. This little home face-lift gadget is designed for drooping eyelids and eyebrows, improvement of crow’s-feet, bags and dark circles under the eyes. 


Very gentle electrical impulses applied to the problem areas of your face will diminish the aged look by strengthening loose facial muscles. It is the most effective little device used to improve the eye area, wrinkles around the eyes and under eye puffiness. The "mini face lift device" tones your face muscles and increases blood circulation. You will notice smoothing of fine lines around the eyes and mouth, improved chin and jaw line and younger looking face.


The excessive facial activity, sometimes called Face Workouts or Facial Fitness Exercises can easily result in overstretching of the skin, which leads to formation of deeper wrinkles on the forehead, around your eyes and/or mouth. Stretching of the skin on neck while you move your chin forward or “stick your tongue out” can destroy your jaw line, make your jowls and neck hanging and craggy looking. Fortunately for our appearance, we naturally dislike any kind of exercises that are restricted by “the privacy of our bathroom”, those that make us uncomfortable.


The little Face Gym device does not stretch your skin; it works on underlying facial muscles and needs to be used only few minutes a day. Our face muscles are getting the same type of workout as does our body, when going to the gym. The facial skin is attached directly to the muscles. When gravity pulls face muscles down your skin starts sagging, no matter how expensive are the creams that you use. The good news is that these muscles are short and, if we are consistent, they can get back in shape pretty fast.


This little exerciser can prevent skin sagginess and drooping. The increase in blood circulation will help restore natural skin color and re-activate skin cells. This will dramatically slow down the skin aging process. In few weeks your will notice the reduction of eye puffiness and dark circles, lifting of your eyebrows and decrease in wrinkle depth.


The bags under the eyes consist of fat and/or excess fluids. Even though the device does not address the fatty tissue, the electro stimulation allows draining of the excess liquid, which is the main reason for the appearance of under eye bags.


The device can also be used to tone neck or chin areas. By exercising and toning the supporting face muscles you can improve the shape of your face. It's not going to happen overnight, but if you are persistent, you will see great results.


Used every day or even 3-4 times a week for 5 minutes daily this little device can change your appearance. The adjustable intensity settings from 1 to 9 are specifically designed for different areas of your face, neck and chin.


Ladies, keep in mind, that prevention is always better than trying to fix the problem after the fact.


Our Tips And Recommendations For Use:

  • Turn the device on and put it on level 2-3-4 (or as comfortable, based on your personal level of sensitivity) for under the eye area. (Please note: the device is working in a pulsating mode, the light goes on/off every few seconds). Put a little bit of gel on the electrodes (the device will not work if the electrodes are dry, the gel is needed for conductivity)
  • The device should be applied to the place where the muscles are attached to the bone, not on the bone itself (for the eye area: right over your cheek-bone, right under the eye brow or in the corner of the eye)
  • For your convenience turn the device upside down when you address the upper eyelid. Do not position the device very close to your eye.
  • The gel serves only as a conductor for micro current. You can use plane mineral water or any water based gel from the pharmacy (Aloe Vera) when you run out of the one included. Do not use any gel that contains oil.
  • The device is working in a pulsating mode (on/off every few seconds). Hold the device on the same spot and count till 10 then move over to a new spot.
  • Increase the level to 6-7 or as comfortable for the lower face, neck, chin and jaw line areas.

Who should not use the device:

Do not use if you have serious problems with your heart, if your skin is damaged or irritated, if you have Rosacea or other skin disorders. Always (with any device, not just this one) avoid applying to the middle part of your neck (the area of thyroid gland).


Our Customers Review on Face Gym:


My name is Tanya. I am a cosmetician from Brooklyn, NY. As a cosmetician I was extremely skeptical about home use skin care devices in general. But I had bad bags under my eyes and tried everything new that I could find, which had even a slight possibility to help my problem. I bought this product (thinking I have not much to lose, only like $40) about a year ago. I can’t tell how amazed I am with the results! Yes, I am using this device religiously 2 times a day for 1-2 minutes around each eye for almost a year. I always have it handy in my purse and use it wherever I am, I don’t even need a mirror, I can feel where the right place is. The gel that comes with it has additional lifting effect, even though it’s supposed to be just for conductivity. I never remove it just let it dry.


What can I tell you? The bags are almost gone...the little wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and the crowfeet’s are barely there....The clients that did not see me for the past few months start with the words: “Wow! What have you done? Surgery? “


Tanya P, Brooklyn, NY



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By: Natalia 05/21/2012 15:36
I've suffered from under-eye puffiness for many years. And this little machine seems to be the only thing that makes a real noticeable difference. I use it at night and in the morning, as part of my routine. It takes about 5 min total. The massage gel the device comes with is also very good. I leave it on after the procedure, it tightens the skin beautifully.