D'arsonvale High Frequency Skin Care Machine Argon Gas

D'arsonvale High Frequency Skin Care Machine Argon Gas

Portable High Frequency Skin Care Machine is transmitting electrical current through the glass electrodes to promote skin renewal. In Europe those machines are sometimes called D’arsonvale. High frequency enhances oxygenation and stimulates dermal tissue, kills bacteria causing acne, treats oily or combination skin problems. The device is effective for hair loss and thinning hair issues. D’arsonval increases blood circulation, collagen and elastin production, rids skin of toxins and acne-causing bacteria.

The machine utilizes high frequency electrical current (also called Tesla current) through interchangeable argon-gas filled glass electrodes. High frequency is a beneficial treatment widely used for treating acne prone, ageing and sun-damaged skin.  It is appropriate for all skin types, but shows better results on oily skin. Professionals in spas and salons throughout the world use high frequency technology. 

Indications for treatment

1. Anti-Acne and Spot Treatments: High frequency is known for the ability to balance sebum (oil) production by normalizing sebum glands function. It also inhibits inflammation and loads skin with oxygen, which prevents growth and kills acne causing bacteria. A clear improvement in complexion is actually reported after only a few days of use. Each treatment builds upon the last; the results are cumulative and vary by individual skin type and concern.

2. Cellulite Reduction:  Device can be used to reduce cellulite (first stages) by delivering oxygen to the skin cells. On later stages of cellulite it can be used with anti-cellulite creams, lotions or other remedies to substantially increase penetration of the active anti-cellulite components. It will not eliminate the problem, but with continuous use it can make you cellulite less visible.

3. Wrinkle reduction and anti aging: The increases in blood and lymph circulation and intensification of oxygen production lead to lessening of wrinkles. The electrical impulses tone skin and help better penetration of nutrients from your skin care products. It results in skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and overall skin improvement. To enhance the performance of the device we recommend use of a quality cream, lotion or serum in conjunction with the treatment. Full benefits of anti-aging treatments are visible in few weeks of use.

4. Hair follicles stimulation: Hair follicles receive the nutrition from the capillary system. The lack of blood circulation is one of the main reasons for thinning hair and hair loss. Stimulating the scalp tissues with high frequency device you restore the normal blood circulation and prevent further hair loss. Use a specially designed comb-shape glass electrode to give a boost to your hair follicles, energize the capillary system and slow down the hair loss process. Use the device in combination with hair re-growth treatments to improve penetration of active ingredients. The device is also helpful for oily hair and scalp.

5. Oily Skin treatment: High frequency normalizes and balances the performance of your sebum glands thus reducing skin oil production. For very oily skin you can use low concentration AHA or glycolic product sparingly after the high frequency treatment, followed by quality moisturizer.

Notice: Do not use the device with wet hands or on wet hair. Always turn on the device ONLY after you install the attachment. Turn the device OFF before you remove the attachment.

Application Methods

There are 2 methods of treatment: a) the contact method using middle frequency current and b) the distant method, when skin is treated by ionic arc generated between the device and the skin.  Distant method is primarily used to treat acne inflammation. The distance of 1/8 inch from skin creates an arc of ion particles, which adds to effectiveness of the treatment. Intensity control is easily adjustable to individual comfort level. Start with a low intensity for initial days of use, slowly increase it day by day to your comfort level, which depends on personal preference and skin sensitivity level. Do not make the treatment to intense and uncomfortable for you. Four interchangeable glass electrodes are included for various treatment areas.

The treatment only requires about 5-10 minutes a day depending on your skin type and concerns. High frequency treatment can be drying your skin especially during the winter months. If the skin gets too dry cut number of treatments to once every 2-3 days and use the quality moisturizer.

You do not need to use any conductive gels for the High Frequency Machine. However, the High Frequency will greatly increase the effectiveness of your skin care products by helping them penetrate deep into the dermis.

The machine is effective at all intensity levels including the lowest setting. It is not necessary to use the highest power level to achieve maximum results. The key to the best results is treatment consistency.

It is safe and beneficial to combine the high frequency treatments with other gentle cosmetic technologies such as light therapy, galvanic treatments, micro current, ultrasound, LED, Radio Frequency, etc. The high frequency will intensify the results of those applications.

Electrode Shapes and Treatment Areas

“Mushroom” for Cheeks, Forehead, Neck, Chest

Comb for Scalp, Thinning Hair Areas

Bulb for Spot treatments

Spoon for Smaller Targets and Areas

When touching the skin, these electrodes (due to the high frequency current generated by the machine) will produce a safe, therapeutic argon-violet glow with a scent similar to fresh, clean air.

General Precautions:

  • Do not use With High Concentration Drying Glycolic Acid Or Alcohol-Based Products
  • Do not use if Broken Capillaries, Spider Veins or Rosacea
  • Do Not Use If Pregnant, Have A Pacemaker Or Heart Disease
  • As any electrical device, the machine is Not applicable for cancer survivors
  • Avoid Wearing Metal Jewelry During Use.
  • Never Operate Unit if the Bulb is Broken
  • Avoid Using Near Water or Around Combustible Substances
  • Do Not Use internally (i.e. In Mouth, Nose, Etc).


The machine comes with a storage case. To avoid damage to fragile electrodes always keep them in a special storage case compartments when not in use. Clean electrodes with a soft damp cloth before and after each use. Disinfect electrode using rubbing alcohol after each use to avoid spreading of infection, if using the system to treat multiple clients.

The device is sold for cosmetic purposes only and is not intended in any way to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results can vary widely by individual and skin type. 


Portable Professional High Frequency Device

4 Interchangeable Argon Filled Electrodes (Mushroom, Bulb & Comb)

Instructional Treatment Guide

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