1 MHz Ultrasound Beauty Device (LW-010)

1 MHz Ultrasound Beauty Device (LW-010)

Ultrasound technology is one of the ways to improve aging appearance of your face and body. The ultrasound wave works below the surface of the skin and brings long-lasting results. The pulsed vibration generated by ultrasound stimulates blood and lymph circulation, strengthens blood vessels and capillaries and accelerates skin absorption.

The depth of the wave penetration depends on ultrasound frequencies - the smaller is the number of vibrations the deeper is its penetration. In other words 1MHz works on a deeper level, than 3MHz. The most versatile frequencies are: 1MHz  – mostly used for body and lower face treatments (thicker tissues and muscles); 3MHz - optimal for all-over facial treatment (thinner tissues and muscles); 5Mhz - mostly used for delicate skin around eyes.

The high-speed micro vibration of ultrasound wave is safe, painless and gentle. It is beyond our normal range of hearing and penetrates skin without any discomfort or side effects (you will not hear or feel anything during treatment, maybe a little warm sensation). The vibration produces fast repeated stretching and shrinking of the cell membranes. As a result skin elasticity; metabolism and collagen production gradually improves. The heat generated by ultrasound wave additionally stimulates collagen production in deep layers of the skin.

Ultrasound for Face and Body Device

The 1MHz home use Ultrasound Device is good for a broad range of skin conditions, cosmetic and even therapeutic applications. It can be used to improve the shape of your lower face (we would not advise it for the upper face or eye area), restore and slim the facial contour, melt fat deposits in the double chin area. The device shows impressive results in firming the skin along the jawline, sagging cheeks and “gooseneck”. To increase the effectiveness of the device you can combine it with anti-cellulite products, as long as you test them before use to make sure they are not causing any irritation or allergic reactions on your skin. When used for facial applications use the lower levels of intensity.

As a body contouring device Ultrasonic can be used to improve the areas affected by cellulite. The vibration of ultrasound wave destroys the walls of fat cells and allows fat to escape your body easier. Even though you won't eliminate the problem of cellulite, you will reduce it’s visibility. You can also get noticeable results in smoothing and firming the dimply, sagging skin on inner thighs (use only upward motions for this area). Combination with manual massage and anti-cellulite products will help achieve better results. When used for body treatment put the device on high level of intensity.

One more useful body application of the Ultrasound device is smoothing and firming the sagging skin on your knees. The skin on knees is thick since its additional function is to protect the joints. It easily gets wrinkled and dry. We usually don't know how to get rid of fatty tissue on the tops of our knees and wrinkled, ugly looking knees. Combination of ultrasound device with exercises, body scrubs and fat melting creams will help you get a short-skin-friendly knees.

Aesthetic professionals use ultrasound for skin renewal and repair, to tighten and firm skin, fade age spots, smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It enforces penetration of topical products and boosts the effectiveness of skin care products you use. The heat of ultrasound wave turns liquid into vapor, which helps to achieve better penetration.

The ultrasonic therapy is used to speed up healing process by improving local blood circulation and increasing tissue relaxation. The device can ease acute and chronic muscle pain; it can also reduce inflammation often associated with muscle soreness. 

Instructions and Methods of Use:

  • Use Higher Energy Level on thicker tissues, such areas as the waist, hips, thighs, and calf. When applying the massager to face select Medium or Low Energy Level. The product does not require medical personnel to administer the treatments.
  •  Turn off the device after each use and clean the head of the massager before and after use
  • Apply water-based anti-aging, moisturizing or slimming gel or cream on the head of the device or on the part of the body you are working on.
  • The effect you will achieve does not depend on the efforts you apply to the device; therefore we suggest light massage rather than strong
  • The unit can be used up to 2-3 times daily with the interval not less than 5 hours in between. The unit has automatic shut down after 15 min of use. Do not use more that 15 min at a time.
  • As with any electrical device avoid touching it with wet hands, using it near the water, in the shower, etc. Read the instructions before use.

 Who should not be using the ultrasound device?

1. People with high temperature or any disease in acute stage.

2. Those with cardiac disease, pacemakers and vascular diseases

3. Not for cancer survivors

4. Patients suffering from hypertension and cerebral palsy.

5. People suffering from skin disorders, various forms of dermatitis, severe forms of acne or injuries.

6. Women implanted with intrauterine contraceptive devices and during pregnancy.

The areas that should be avoided:

In general ultrasound should not be used around the heart, over reproductive organs, over the joints that had been replaced, close to the eyes, in the area of thyroid gland (middle on the neck).

Our recommendations:

You can get extra benefits if you use the device with fresh fruits like papaya, pineapple, etc. or vegetables, like tomato, cucumber, etc. Cut a piece of the fruit and slightly dip the head of the device into the pulp. Apply in circular upwards motion. Do it twice a week so you don't overdo with acids, which most fruits have. Fresh aloe leave (sold at fruit stands) or aloe vera gel (sold in pharmacy's over the counter) is another beneficial option. Depending on your skin type you can always add few drops of honey or yogurt.

Remember: the device increases absorption of the ingredients; therefore the gliding surface of the device dries fast. You have to add lubricating substance as needed to make sure the device does not glide bare skin. 

-Question: How do I know that ultrasound device works, if I don’t feel anything during treatment?

If you ever had ultrasound procedure done in the medical office (e.g. pregnancy test), you know that you don't feel any impact of the equipment, however the technician can see the results on the screen, which is the evidence that the ultrasound works.

A simple way to find out if the device is producing ultrasound is to put a drop of water on the gliding surface of the device and turn it on High Energy Level. If you see tiny bubbles, resembling boiling water it means that the device is working. 


Voltage: 110V

Power: 5WT

Frequency: 1MHz(million times /second)

Price: $78.54
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