Dr. Nona Lipstick

Dr. Nona Lipstick

Smooth, soft and attractive lips play an important role in the beauty of your face. Unfortunately it’s not an easy task to keep skin on lips hydrated and soft. They tend to get dry, flaky and chapped easily; the sensitive and very thin skin on lips often peels and look unattractive.


Why Are The Lips Getting Dry And Chapped So Easily?


Ordinary skin produces oils to protect it from dry air, cold, sunrays, etc. The oil produced by the glands help keep moisture from evaporating. Our lips don’t have the same oil glands and pigments as ordinary skin.  Besides, the skin on lips is much thinner and more sensitive since it doesn’t have a protective outer layer, as the rest of our skin.


Also the skin on lips contains only a small amount of melanin - the pigment that can protects skin from sunburn. While our bodies are covered with clothes, our lips are always exposed to sunlight, wind, cold, air-conditioning or heat. On top of this any cold or congested nose conditions make you breathe through your mouth, which dry your lips even faster. Our lips require a lot of attention, especially in cold or hot weather.


If you want your lips to stay in shape, you need to protect them with some kind of a shield. Dr. Nona clear Lipstick gives your lips necessary protection, moisture, smoothness, shine and long wear.  It has a subtle, silky texture and meets all the requirements of a protective lip care. The lipstick is weightless and comfortable, does not spread out from the contours, softens your lips, and has sufficient resistance.


Dr. Nona Lipstick is not just a simple transparent lipstick. It incorporates the unique combination of the properties of Dead Sea water, Bee Wax and Bio-Organic Mineral Complex – the innovative technology from the scientists of Lenom clinic, Israel. This complex supplies your skin with a necessary amount of bio-antioxidants through lips’ pores. It helps to protect lips’ skin cells against aggressive free radicals and prevents lip skin aging. Anti-inflammatory components allow the use of the lipstick not only for lip care, but also as an antibacterial agent for various scratches, cuts, small wounds, bruises, burns, etc., It can be effective for herpetic eruptions.


Dr. Nona's lipstick has a gentle pleasant scent; it can restore your natural lip color, impaired by long-term use of regular lipstick, rejuvenate lips' skin and slow down lips' aging. Lips become smooth, saturated with natural color and moisturized.


WARNING: Due to the presence of Bio-Organic Mineral Complex, Dr. Nona lipstick is quiet fragile and has to be used carefully. When applying the lipstick don’t move it out of the case more than few millimeters and apply gently, without efforts.


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