About The Creator

My name is Inga. A great deal of my knowledge about skin care is from my mother, who had 30 years of experience as a dermatologist. However, I chose to become an engineer and for the past decade I have been a Vice President of a software company in Downtown Manhattan.

Skin care has always been a hobby and a passion of mine. My background in technologies, knowledge of skincare basics and my own experience with new cosmetic devices gives me certain liberty to evaluate latest trends in cosmetology.

I have accumulated a group of women, skincare professionals, who share my enthusiasm for youthful skin. We experiment with newest skin therapies, specifically trace innovations in anti ageing and cellulite removal treatments. We discovered that small inexpensive anti-aging at home devices, if selected and used properly, could deliver almost same results as pricey, time consuming or invasive salon treatments. Combination of facial masks with such device can amply reinforce the effect of beauty tools.

Masks are another passion of mine. Back in a day, we had to create our own skin care out of natural things available to us. Тhis home alchemy brought many amazing results, which we will gladly share here with you. When you notice that you gained control over your appearance, your outlook on aging will transform. You will feel more confident. And that is a beautiful thing! 


Inga Grinberg

Creator and CEO of ‘All for Skin Beauty

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