Facial Muscle Stimulator

Facial Muscle Stimulator

Face Sculptor is a small, easy to use at home skin care device that will address the muscle sagging and make dramatic changes in your face contours and heavy chin. When facial muscles loose tone, the signs of aging become more apparent. Often compared to a non-surgical face lift, it provides a safe mini face-lift without risks of plastic surgery. 

Designed by university professionals, the device is using the new vibro-resonance technology to perform facial muscle stimulation and provide face lifting and face countering effects. As you know the skin on your face and neck is attached directly to the muscle, and when your muscles are toned, the entire face looks older. You will see a more youthful appearance and changed contours of your face within approximately 1-2 weeks. This device is designed specifically to target sagging skin,  wrinkles, face contour, under-eye bags, double chin and overall look of aged face.

Disclaimer: Not to be used on open wounds, inflamed or diseased skin. Do not use if experience any oral or dental problems. Not for pregnant women.

Directions: For best results use the device 3-5 times a week. Apply to a contracted muscle and treat each problem area for 1 minute. The contracted muscle resonates to the vibration; this results in a stronger and more effective biological response. In order to eliminate a double chin slide your jaw forward as far as you can and apply the device to the contracted muscles of the under chin area. The device can be used around eyes to treat crow’s feet, under-eye bags, sagging skin, drooping eyelids and other signs of aging. Reduction of forehead wrinkles and facial skin tightening are other benefits of this unique and powerful product.

The device is small enough to be used at home or “on the go” whenever you have a few minutes.

The device uses 2 AA batteries.

Price: $45.00
Old price: $55.00
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