Dark under eye circles

Dark circles, bags and shadows under eyes age us even more, than wrinkles. In a lot of cases it might be heredity, but can also be signs of allergy, leaky capillaries or pigmentation issues - a result of melanin overproduction. Since the skin under our eyes is thin and delicate the discoloration is highly visible. As we age our skin becomes even thinner, loses its fat and collagen, which makes blood vessels under eyes more obvious..

There are some popular home treatments such as: covering the dark area with frozen green tea bags, cucumber slices, compresses of potato juice, crashed parsley or mint leaves /juice. Those remedies do provide some temporary relief and improve the look of the area. The hemorrhoid treatment Preparation H (only in a form of a cream, not oil) can also help in some cases.

For a temporary fix that lasts for up to 8-10 months you can try injectable fillers such as Restylane of Juvederm.

Adding the small home use beauty devices (offered below) to your skin care routine should be a great help in lessening the visibility of dark circles and puffiness.

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