LED Therapy

LED Light Therapy in Skin Care

Light Therapy is basically low-intensity light waves delivered through LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and absorbed by the receptors of our skin cells. The Lightwave therapy stimulates cellular renewal in deep tissues and on the surface of the skin. Light of certain spectrum re-energize aging and damaged skin structures. It is effectively used for aged, dehydrated skin, as acne treatment and for hyper pigmentation. A totally natural, risk free method reduces the signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, evens out the skin tone which results in a younger and healthier skin.


What is Red Light in Skin Care?

Red Light triggers collagen production, which is responsible for elasticity and firmness of the skin, increases blood circulation and decreases inflammation. It jump-starts the repair mechanisms and cell growth thus commonly associated with aging skin problems and skin rejuvenation.

 What is Blue Light in Skin Care?

Blue Light is known to destroy the acne causing bacteria, which is sensitive to the light in a range of 405 to 420 nm. When a bacterium absorbs blue light it produces free radicals, which in turn kills molecules that form bacteria. Combination of blue and red light will take acne bacteria out of the picture, and add anti-inflammatory and healing properties of red light. It makes light therapy a popular alternative to harmful drugs and antibiotics commonly used for acne cure.

 What is Green Light in Skin Care?

Green Light shows good results in diminishing hyper pigmentation, the appearance of age spots and in skin hydration. Regulates melanin production and prevents formation of brown spots, freckles and other consequences of sun damage, helps brighten complexion.

Bottom line: LED Therapy is widely used in salons and spas with an average cost of around $300 per one LED skin treatment

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