What are the Еffects of Ultrasound in Skin Care?
“Ultrasound” device emits sound waves that are able to pass the skin barrier and penetrate deep into the fibroblast. The high-speed vibration and local heat generated by the sound wave produces a micro massage of deep skin tissue, increases skin metabolism, elastin production and blood circulation. Penetration of the sound wave into the pores and hair follicles destroys oil blockage – one of the main reasons of acne formation. Ultrasound facilitates infusion of collagen and vitamins into the skin, improves blood and lymph flow, skin elasticity and texture.
The depth of ultrasound penetration depends on the frequency of the oscillation, the higher is the frequency - the more shallow is the penetration. The frequency of 3 MHz is considered optimal for facial skin treatments. Ultrasound is gentle, safe and provides rapid results in lessening fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. It reduces puffiness and improves sun-damaged skin with uneven tone. Ultrasound treatments are also known to shrink pore size, help acne problems, soften and reduce scar tissue.
The new ultrasound technology offers many benefits and you should notice a younger-looking skin in just few times of use. This only few minutes addition to your usual home care regimen can initiate a significant improvement of your skin and slow down skin aging process.
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