Sagging Skin

Why is our skin sagging?

There are several reasons that cause our skin to sag. Аmong others:
  • decrease of collagen production, causing loss of elasticity and breakage of skin structures,
  • increasing (as we age) activity of free radicals,
  • slower reproduction of new skin cells,
  • dead  skin cells piling up on the surface of the skin at a faster range, which prevent skin from breathing, 
  • gravity and weakening face muscles
All those factors are very important, but gravity and weakening face muscles implement in sagging more than anything else. There are topical solutions that claim to work for sagging skin, those with AHA and BHA acids and vitamin C (retinol), but they can hardly do anything to improve underlying facial structures.

Exercising of facial muscles is a must for those who want to lessen the sagging look of their face.

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