Zerona No -Touch Body Contouring Laser

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fat reduction laserZerona is the first non-invasive body slimming and fat reducing laser based procedure on today’s market. Laser treatment contours trouble areas such as stomach, hips, thighs, love handles, arms or back and is designed for people who are slightly overweight. The relatively new (FDA approved and used in practices since 2009) technique claims to reduce inches and pounds from any part of your body.

Basics of Zerona laser technique

The low-level laser therapy also called Zerona Lipo works by developing temporary pores (called a transitory pore) in membrane of the fat cell. The five laser heads of the device emit cold laser energy through 635 arrays of diode lasers. This energy is supposed to break fat the walls of the cell and to release its content into between the cells space through the cell’s membrane openings. The liberated fat than drains into the body’s lymphatic system and gets channeled out and eliminated safely by the body’s normal detoxification process.

The damage caused to the fat cells is temporary, the treatment leaves them smaller and flatter in the targeted areas, but the cell itself remains alive. The laser is not affecting the surrounding skin, capillaries system or other body tissues.

What is Zerona procedure like?

The heads of diode laser device are positioned above the patient's body. The heads of the device emit the laser light that passes over the skin of the treated area for 20 minutes. The patient then turns over and the treatment is applied to the opposite side of this body for another 20 minutes. Each session lasts 40 minutes (in equal 20-minute increments to the front and back of your body). Zerona lipo laser suggested treatments: 3 full sessions each week for a period of 2 weeks.  For better results doctors recommend 12 series of treatments in 4 weeks period. The targeted area might be a combination of the waist, hips, and thighs.

Patients may experience a mild sensation of warmth on their skin during the treatment, but the procedure does not heat body tissue and is totally pain and discomfort free. Zerona treatment does not require any downtime; anesthesia, compression garments or bandages. So far no complications or side effects of Zerona treatment had been reported.  For the best results the treatment requires special diet, lots of water and taking special diet pills, which some patient report to cause unpleasant reactions, such as hot flashes, rushes and other.

Zerona treatment prices and number of sessions vary as usual depending on the doctor, region, etc.   The average cost of Zerona treatments is between $1,500-$3,000 for the program.

Effectiveness of Zerona treatment

The Erchonia Laser Scanner (used for the Zerona procedure) has been initially cleared by FDA for laser-assisted liposuction. The double blind clinical trials did prove the effectiveness of the Zerona laser for body contouring. Zerona laser treatment is designed for treating small areas: flatten tummy, reduce upper and lower abs, eliminate love handles, muffin tops and around the bra fat, shape up arms and target other trouble spots. It can’t be compared or considered a replacement for the liposuction, which gives by far a greater improvement, but has downsides we all know about.

The technology keeps advancing but so far only gives a small, if any improvement of aprox 1-inch reduction in each area. On average patients lose three to five inches (combined) on multiple treatment areas in a series of 6 treatments. There is no apparent effect on cellulite, but some patients have noticed its reduction, which is an added benefit, since the device is not designed for cellulite removal.

Most doctors encourage patients to do 12 Zerona treatments since not everyone is happy with the results of 6.The successful results are reported by about 40% of the patients treated by Zerona.

As Zerona uses low laser slimming technique it can be followed by other far reduction non-invasive procedures such as VelasShape, Thermage Body, Accent, Ultrashape, CoolSculpting, Loposonix, TryActive and others to achieve the desired results without liposuction. Plastic surgeonts that perform different fat reducing procedures along with Zerona will be able to determine which procedure fits you best. 

Disadvantages of Zerona Laser

·      The procedure is based on new technologies and has no long-term studies to proof effectiveness and duration of the results

·      3 treatments a week for 2 to 4 weeks is not always a possibility for a working person.

·      Proper diet and additional exercising is a big part of Zerona success, which might not be a possibility for many patients.  One needs to maintain a diet or apply additional efforts to keep the weight off, since the fat cells stay alive.

·       The high cost of the procedures with uncertain results.

Zerona VS CoolSculpting

Both FDA approved at the same time, Zerona and CoolSculpting are body slimming, fat reducing non-invasive procedures designed for people with localized fat deposits who are 10 -15 pounds over their ideal weight. None of these procedures utilize tissue-heating technology. Both procedures are relatively quick; do not require downtime, do not damage the surrounding tissue and cause minimal discomfort. Both procedures have great potential and are new on the market. None, so far, have proven long-term studies on the results and their stability.

CoolSculpting destroys fat cells by freezing them using treatment method called Cryolipolysis. It requires 1 to 2 procedures to loose up to 20% of fat in one chosen area at a time. Each area is treated separately for about 1 hour and costs around $700 per area.  CoolSculpting eliminates majority of fat cells permanently, while Zerona treatment leaves cells alive and maintenance is needed to keep the results.

Zerona uses laser light technology instead to liquefy and shrink targeted fat cells. 6 treatments of Zerona laser are required to achieve approximately the same fat reduction as 1 CoolSculpting procedure. The measurements are not quite comparable, since CoolSculpting results are measured in % of fat loss, and Zerona measurements are taken in inches. Zerona advantage is that it can be used on any part of the body and few areas can be treated at a time, while CoolSculpting has limitations and can be only used on abdomen, love handles and back.

So far the comparison of the patient’s reviews for both procedures show that people are way happier with the CoolSculpting results than with the Zerona treatment.

The practices, which utilize both treatments, will most likely give you a knowledgeable advice which treatment is better for you.