What Are Laser Treatments and How They Work?

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In the past decades laser technology became a replacement (to some extend) for much more invasive and less precise mechanical (dermabrasion) or chemical peels. Laser beam is utilized in the process of hair, tattoo, scars and stretch mark removal, as well as for skin discoloration and resurfacing. Laser is increasingly used as a body contouring and fat removal treatment; it is known to Laser peelbe beneficial for varicose veins and toenail fungus; and much more. Currently a number of various FDA approved lasers serve to handle all those problems.


There are many types of laser technologies, but they all work in a similar way. The laser produces a controlled damage to the outer skin layers necessary to uncover the layer not affected by imperfections. Te removal of the outer skin enforces the body to generate new layers of younger and healthy looking skin.

The first generation of skin care lasers include CO2 and Erbium – ablative lasers that burn off and evaporate the upper layers of the skin. Though only one treatment is usually enough to deliver  significant results, the damages to the epidermis and superficial layers of the skin may cause serious side effects. Normally you can expect red, crusted appearance and swelling on the treated area for up to 10 days and staying pink for few weeks. The procedure also requires significant downtime.

This type of laser treatment has been off-limits for people with darker or suntanned skin (since melanin draws heat from the laser) and those prone to scaring and sometimes acne.


As with any other treatment there are people that are thrilled with the results and people that are moderately to very disappointed. The risks of laser skin resurfacing include burns and other injuries associated with the laser's heat, scarring, abnormal pigmentation and infection. In rare cases, it can trigger herpes and acne breakouts. Sometimes the results do not last as long as they where expected to last, meaning new treatments and more money.


How to find a right laser treatment? How to choose between CoolTouch, various Fraxel, CoolBreeze, Zerona, ActiveFX and many other types of laser treatments?


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