Facial Masks - Natural Help for Skin Aging

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Why bother with at home skin masks if today’s cosmetic world offers a huge variety of creams and lotions? However, beauty masks might be worth a bit of fiddling over. No wonder women in many different countries on all five continents have been using them for generations.

Below are just few reasons for using homemade masks:

  • 10What you see is what you get. You know that the stuff you apply to your face is all fresh and natural; no potentially harmful preservatives or chemicals are in it.
  • Goodness of nature. The homemade mask is packed with natural vitamins and minerals from fruits, vegetables, oils, yogurts, honey, cosmetic clay, mud, herbs and many others.
  • Stuff works. A quick homemade skin treatment can effectively and visibly boost your skin natural beauty.
  • Fresh is always better. As long as you use the mask immediately upon readiness, all volatile ingredients stay inside and work on your skin.
  • Won’t break the budget. Spa lovers - regular use of skin masks will help you regenerate your skin in a privacy of your home with minimal time and a fraction of a cost of those in spas or salons. 
  • It’s personal. The mask can be easily customized for various skin types, concerns and problem zones. 
  • The ritual.  Along with healthy beautiful skin you will get a few minutes of relaxation, which is an added benefit for your entire body. 

Before opening your fridge or running to the grocery or health store you need to know a few things:

  • Your skin type (oily, dry, normal, combination)
  • The ingredients you might be allergic to (very important!)
  • What kind of a treatment your skin needs most: firming, moisturizing, brightening, whitening, rejuvenation, etc.

Finally you can start putting together ingredients for a healthy looking face and glowing skin. But before you start, take a moment to read natural beauty tips and advices, learn about ingredients, how to fix, apply and remove a mask. Remember - method is everything when it comes to homemade beauty recipes.

How to fix a facial mask

You will need: 1-2 glass or ceramic (non-metal) mixing bowls; 1-2 measuring spoons, a folk or a stick blender, sometimes a chopper or a coffee mill, only fresh natural ingredients. Stir ingredients to a smooth paste. The mask has to be used immediately upon fixing. Try not to leave a mask for future use.

How to apply a mask

Thoroughly cleanse your skin before applying a mask (any leftover dirt or cosmetics will prevent penetration of healthy ingredients). Tie your hair up off the face. For better results you can use a scrub or a peel before applying a mask. Do not apply a mask right under the eye, unless specified in the recipe. Try not to talk or smile during the procedure, close your eyes and relax for 10-30 min. If you feel pulling, burning or any discomfort remove the mask immediately.

Remember: always make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If you are uncertain, try the mask on the inner side of your forearm for a few minutes before applying it to your face.

How to remove a mask

A mask can be removed with plain water (no soap added) with or without a cloth. Use cold water for oily skin, and a little warmer water if your skin is dry. Apply your regular moisturizer after the treatment. Not being a replacement for creams or lotion, masks are a great natural, easy and pleasant addition to your face care regime. Combine use of face beauty skin care devices 2-3 times a week with natural remedies to achieve great results in fighting facial aging.