Fraxel Laser Treatments

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The new generation of ablative fractionated lasers such as Fraxel Re:pair is more gentle, safe and deliver more predictable results. Using the same wavelength of light as ablative lasers, the “fractional" treatment produces thousands of deep, tiny beams that punch microscopic holes or tunnels in the skin targeting the damaged areas. It does not affect the surrounding tissue thus creating less unnecessary damage and reducing the healing time.


The Fraxel Re:pair® addresses severe sun damage, wrinkles, and scars and is as effective as the older technologies. 1or 2 treatments are usually required spaced about 4 weeks apart. The healing process takes 5-7 days. The risks are considerably less.


Fraxel® Re:store® Dual utilizes a non-ablative fractionated laser, which is substantially less aggressive. It leaves no open wounds; both treatment and recovery are easier. Fraxel Re:store Dual treats dark pigment, like melasma and age spots. Anywhere between 3-5 treatments are required depending on the patient, spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Generally there is redness and minor puffiness for 1-3 days. Make-up can be worn immediately following the procedure. Both Fraxel Re:pair® and Fraxel Re:store® Dual procedures take between 20-30 minutes for the full face.


Fraxel Re:fine  is another non-ablative laser that treats fine lines around the eyes, age spots and sun spots, pigment inconsistencies, and uneven skin tone. As any other non-ablative laser it requires multiple treatments.

The level of satisfaction with Fraxel laser skin treatments depends on patient’s skin problems and conditions. Most important for the success of treatment is to find experienced dermatologist with knowledge or various laser treatments and technologies, his ability to evaluate the problem and combine various treatments.


It goes without saying that to avoid scaring the patient has to precisely follow the directions.