What is CoolSculpturing Fat Reducing Procedure?

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CoolSculpting is a new; FDA approved fat reducing and body sculpturing procedure developed by Zeltiq Company. The advanced cooling technology called Cryolipolysis or “Fat Freezing”is employed to freeze and eliminate fat cells through a controlled cooling process. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss or cellulite reduction treatment. It’s designed for physically fit people, who want to lose fat, which resists diet and exercise.


CoolSculpting medical device is applying extreme cold temperature (above freezing) to fatty tissues. A specially designed applicator is used to transform fat from a soft to a solid substance. In process of fat crystallization the cells are permanently destroyed. As the “frozen cells” slowly die, they naturally expel from the body. Those who have some areas of fat they want to get rid of (love handles) can really benefit of a Cool Sculpting treatment.


How Does CoolSculpting Feel Like?


Cool Sculpting is a non-invasive, virtually painless treatment; no incisions, anesthesia, or recovery time is required. Patients with some localized areas of fat on abdomen; hips or thighs are the candidates for the treatment.


The machine sucks up the skin along with underlying fat through a hand piece. The candidate for a Fat Freezing treatment should have enough fat tissue to fit firmly into the applicator. The layer of fat vacuumed between the cooling plates should not exceed 2 inches/5sm. The treatment is not performed on legs or other tight areas of the body, but can be sometimes done on the inner sides of thighs, if there is pinch able fat tissue to fit into the applicator.


Each area is treated separately for 1 hour each (e.g. left and right hips are 2 separate treatments). Up to 3 areas for a total of 3 hours can be treated the same day. Most patients feel a “pulling”, pinching, sometimes burning sensation first few minutes of the treatment. It goes away within about 10 minutes and is followed by numbness, which stays for some time after the procedure. No painkillers are required. For better results a massage of frozen area right after the procedure and few weeks following the treatment is recommended. Most patients report the procedure to be quit bearable.


CoolSculpting Results


Noticeable results (up to 20% or more fat reduction in a given treated area) can be expected in about 3 weeks with improvements to follow. The full results should become evident within 4-6 months after treatment. In fact many patient report that they achieved desired results only after multiple CoolSculpting treatments. The treatments should be minimum 2-3 months apart, as the body continues to eliminate fat cells for up to 6 months.


Even though it can’t be considered an alternative to liposuction, properly selected patients should benefit from Coolsculpting in terms of fat removal. The stability of the results is yet to be discovered, since the trials followed patients for less than a year. Skin sagginess is not reported, as the removal of fat is gradual, unlike after the invasive fat reduction procedures.


What to Expect After CoolSculpting and Possible Side Effects


The following side effects have been reported, which are usually completely gone on their own within 1-3 weeks after treatment:

•           Bruising for up to 3 weeks and tenderness to the touch for about 5-10 days,

•           Several weeks of soreness of the area,

•           Swelling and numbness in the treated area for up to few weeks,

•           Some itching of the treated area after the numbness is gone.

•           Lack of desired results.


Some patients report sever pain and significant bruising within few days following the treatment. The treatment is relatively new and no other side effects have been yet reported.


Coolsculpting cost


The price of Coolsculpting depends on the number of areas to be treated. The price for one treated area is in a range of $750 to $1250. Discounts are usually given for several areas treated at a time. 


There is a lot of body contouring machines on this fast growing market. Most use “fat melting” technologies such as RF (Radio Frequency), IR (Infra Red) waves, Ultrasound Cavitation Technology, various Laser based fat removing machines. The concentrated heat breaks underlying fat cells below the skin surface and expels fat at a rather high rate, which is not always good for your body. Most of them require multiple (usually 6 to 12) sessions within a short time frame. Cool Sculpting freezing fat technology differs greatly from other body slimming technics.


CoolSculpting vs. Zerona


Zerona is a laser based fat reducing treatment. It requires 6 treatments in a doctor’s office within a 2 weeks period. Each treatment takes about 40 minutes. It is reported that Zerona removes 1 to 1.5 inches from each treated area. The cost of Zerona is about 1,500 to $1,900 for a package of 6 treatments including waist, hips and thighs.


It’s difficult to say which treatment works better Zerona or Coolsculpting, because they use different measurement method – one uses inches of fat lost and the other uses % of fat lost. Customers review show substantially higher satisfaction rating from Coolsculpting treatment, than from Zerona.


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